25 cases of urban waste heat recovery

As one of the first project outputs, the ReUseHeat team has worked on existing case studies of urban waste heat recovery. The catalogue contains 25 existing or planned projects which make use of urban excess heat. The cases gathered serve as small-case inspirational projects on how to utilize excess heat from urban sources for heating and cooling purposes. Most of the cases exploit low temperature waste heat sources through heat pumps for district heating solutions. Of these, 12 cases are Danish and 13 cases are from other European countries. In the Danish context there are multiple projects regarding recovery of waste heat from urban sources with heat pumps. Information on Danish cases has been collected internally in Danish District Heating Association (DDHA). Information on cases outside of Denmark has been found using knowledge from the EU project CELSIUS and has been collected from the countries of the demonstrators in the ReUseHeat-project. Heat sources within this catalogue are, to the extent possible, matched to the ones used by the demonstrators. That is waste heat recovery from data centres, sewage water, hospitals and underground stations.

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