Collecting information on urban excess heat sources

This survey aims to be a very useful tool for identifying the potential of urban excess heat sources by contacting relevant actors and stakeholders across the EU, with particular focus on the four ReUseHeat demonstrator cities.

We would like to invite relevant actors and stakeholders across the EU to help us gather available information.

By filling in this survey, the data of your facilities will be part of an open and public database, contributing to taking a step forward towards the final objective of reaching a more sustainable and decarbonised energy model in Europe! Additionally, among the respondents to the survey that provide their consent, the ReUseHeat team will select the cases that will benefit from a free pre-feasibility study for an urban waste heat recovery system carried out within the project!

In order to make the information contained in this open database accessible to everybody, a web-based visualisation tool has been created with this real information about the potential of urban excess heat using data collected so far. The visualisation tool can be accessed in the following link: