Let’s not waste heat! Let’s communicate!

We would not throw food away, so why would we waste freely available heat? This is the simple philosophy that leads the ReUseHeat project, kicked off in October 2017.

Now, we take it one step further with the launch of our main communication tools.

The ReUseHeat website is now available at www.reuseheat.eu. Apart from the project description, demonstration sites and regular updates, we will strive to bring together comprehensive information about waste heat recovery across Europe and beyond. We will communicate useful facts and figures, case studies and news bringing to light the synergies between waste heat and district energy systems in dense urban environments.

Moreover, we are already present on social media. Follow and engage with us on our Twitter account: @ReUseHeat. It will become our main platform for sharing news and updates, connecting with related projects and the wider energy community.

There is enough waste energy produced in the EU to heat the EU’s entire building stock. The advantages of unconventional urban waste heat sources, such as data centres, hospital, waste water or underground transport, are straight-forward: these sources offer low-carbon energy that would otherwise go to waste.

Help us tell and share our story. Let’s communicate. Let’s not waste heat!