A New Children Book Reveals How Sustainable Data Centers Work

Glesys, a hosting company based in Sweden, has recently published the book Ettor, Nollor, Barr och Kottar (Ones, Zeros, Pines and Cones), about the ever growing IT industry and the increased need of data centers. The book takes a playful and lighthearted approach with aim to educate the public about data centers – how they work, why they have such an impact on the climate and why we need to act today to make them more sustainable long-term.


The fast-growing data center industry currently accounts for two percent of the world’s annual carbon emissions and three percent of its electricity consumption. Just five years from now, the corresponding figures are estimated to be a staggering 5.5 and 20 percent, respectively.


Environmental consciousness is an integral part of our business. We’ve made a lot of effort to minimize our climate impact through  innovation and by investing in state-of-the-art technology to recover the excess heat generated from our data centers. By making this book we can hopefully spread the word and inspire others in the industry. Things around us are continuing to get smarter, faster, more connected, and increasingly digital, so there’s no time to relax at this point, says Christoffer Sörensen, the initiator and author of the book at Glesys.

Glesys represents a new generation of infrastructure providers offering efficient cloud solutions through modern and environmentally friendly facilities. Now the company has opened the largest data center on the West Coast of Sweden, which is not only outfitted for heat recovery but is also powered by 100 percent renewable energy. The entire facility has been designed with a consistent focus on the environment and sustainability.


The recovered heat has the potential to heat 1,700 residential buildings, and the energy from the excess heat may amount to as much as 26 GWh annually – equivalent to 25 percent of the city of Falkenberg’s total district heating production.


Read more about Glesys’ Data Centers: https://glesys.com/data-center