Policy Webinar: How can waste heat recovery help decarbonise cities? Best practices & policy recommendations

The EU produces more waste heat than the demand of its entire building stock. Conservative estimates suggest that industrial waste heat could cover at least 25% of district heating generation. Moreover, there is significant heat recovery potential from unconventional waste heat sources, i.e. waste heat from data centres, metro stations, service sector buildings, or waste-water treatment plants could cover 10 % of the EU’s total energy demand for heat and hot water. Different initiatives have come up with recommendations to boost the recovery of waste heat to be used in DH networks, to help decarbonise cities.

This webinar was jointly organised by the Urban Agenda Energy Transition Partnership action 2, the ReUseHeat project and the Celsius initiative if the framework of DHC+ Talks.

Experiences from the field and policy recommendations were presented and discussed.


Speakers & presentations:

Antonio Lopez – DG ENER, Deputy Head of the Renewable Energy Unit

Roberto Fedrizzi – EURAC Research / Life4HeatRecovery project coordinator [Industrial waste heat recovery]

Erik Barentsen – Dutch Data Center Association [Heat recovery from data centres]

Kristina Lygnerud – IVL / ReUseHeat project coordinator [Economic and financial recommendations]

Pauline Lucas – Euroheat & Power / coordinator EHP Waste Heat Task Force [Policy recommendations]


Emilia Pisani – Johanneberg Science Park / Celsius Initiative


RECORDING is available HERE