Project Documents & Newsletter

Project Public Deliverables

D1.2 Data Gathering

D1.3 Information Management

D1.4 Accessible Urban Waste Heat

D1.5 Energy Planning Analysis

D1.6 Future Scenarios

D1.9 Report on the amounts of urban waste heat accessible in the EU28

D2.1 Stakeholder Analysis

D2.2 Bankability

D2.3 Contractual Forms

D2.5 Risk Assessment

D2.6 Scalability, replicability and modularity

D2.9 Update on Scalability, replicability and modularity

D3.1 Best Practices

D3.8 Lessons Learned

D4.5 Evaluation

D5.1 Dissemination Plan

Newsletter 1 – March 2018

Newsletter 2 – September 2018

Newsletter 3 – March 2019

Newsletter 4 – September 2019

Newsletter 5 – March 2020

Newsletter 6 – September 2020

Newsletter 7 – March 2021

Newsletter 8 – September 2021

Newsletter 9 – March 2022

D5.2 Continuous Dissemination and Communication Activity Report

D5.3 Final Dissemination and Communication Activity Report

D5.4 Identity Toolkit

D5.6 Communication Materials: Poster, Roll-up Banner, Brochure

D5.7 Workshops

D5.8 Advisory Board

D5.9 Stakeholder Group

D6.1 Experiences from other urban waste heat recovery investments

D6.2 Handbook

D6.3 Trainings