Replication study on waste heat recovery from a London underground station

The ReUseHeat project is collaborating with Transport for London (TfL), the integrated transport authority responsible for meeting the Mayor’s strategy and commitments on transport in London. TfL runs the day-to-day operation of the Capital’s public transport network and manages London’s main roads.

In the context of ReUseHeat Task 6.3, which is providing five free replication studies to support the realization of investments in urban excess heat recovery systems across Europe, Giorgio Bonvicini and Sara Abd Alla from our project partner RINA have carried out a pre-feasibility study for the recovery of waste heat from one of TfL’s Underground stations.

The waste heat source studied could provide up to 1.5 MW of heat to nearby buildings through a newly built micro-district heating network, with an 80% reduction of GHG emissions compared to the baseline natural gas-based situation.