ReUseHeat meeting and exploitation plan workshop in London

The project consortium met in London, United Kingdom, on 6-7 March 2019 to discuss work progression, synchronize the upcoming deliverables and tasks, as well as to work on the ReUseHeat exploitation plan under the guidance of a SSERR (Support Services for Exploitation of Research Results) expert Andrea di Anselmo. At the exploitation workshop, two key exploitable results of the project were identified. These are:

(i) the advisory services/ trainings that can be built around the handbook of ReUseHeat and

(ii) the technical and business concepts developed by means of the four demonstrators.

The project partners agree to develop these results further and continue the work to ensure the exploitation of the results after the project lifetime.

Additionally, the heat group of Bloomberg came to visit the project to learn more about district heating. Consortium shared their knowledge on how district heating works in different markets, highlighted the green potential of this technology and suggested that more information sessions with investors need to be organised. In the meantime, ReUseHeat partners will continue to work on risks, contracts and business models for urban waste heat recovery investments.