ReUseHeat Team

Sixteen partners from all over Europe make up the ReUseHeat team. Find out who is part of it and what their role is in the project!

The Coordinator: IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute

IVL is the coordinator of ReUseHeat. It is an independent, non-profit research organization. Since 1966 it has worked with development of solutions to environmental problems nationally and internationally. We do research and contract assignments notably in: Natural resources, climate and environment, resource-efficient recycling and consumption, sustainable production and environmental technology, sustainable urban development and transport.

DHC+ Technology Platform c/o Euroheat & Power

Euroheat & Power is the international network for district energy, promoting sustainable heating and cooling in Europe. The DHC+ Technology Platform, set up under the umbrella of Euroheat & Power, is the European hub for research & innovation in district heating and cooling. In the ReUseHeat project, DHC+ leads the communication and dissemination activities.

LSE - London School of Economics and Political Science

London School of Economics and Political Science is one of the world’s foremost social science universities. The Centre for the Analysis of Time Series (CATS) brings together internationally recognised statisticians and physical scientists with expertise in non-linear analysis. In ReUseHeat, CATS will analyse long-term demand, regulatory frameworks, user engagement, and risk management.

Fundacion Cartif

CARTIF is a technology center that develops R&D projects and supports innovation into five areas of knowledge: industry, energy and environment, construction and infrastructures, agrofood and health and quality of life. Within the ReUseHeat project, CARTIF will be responsible for the WP1 database supporting resource identification and will lead WP4 on monitoring and evaluation of the 4 demo cases.

Tractebel Engineering

Tractebel is an international company providing engineering and consultancy services in the energy field, covering the following areas of interest: energy generation, renewable sources, district heating, energy efficiency environment, economics and financing support and project management. In ReUseHeat, Tractebel leads the work on innovative business models, and supports the implementation of the Romanian demo case.

Halmstad University

Halmstad University was founded in 1983, and is characterised as forward-thinking and cross-border. The education and research is conducted within a broad field, but three profile areas are prominent: Information Technology, Innovation Sciences and Health and Lifestyle. In the ReUseHeat project, Halmstad University takes part in the work of identifying the urban waste heat potential in the EU.

Aalborg University

The Sustainable Energy Planning Research Group at Aalborg University (AAU), located in Denmark, is working within research and education. A common central aspect in all activities is the focus on how to plan for and transform different activities in the society to be more sustainable. In the ReUseHeat project AAU is leading the work on mapping urban waste heat sources and quantifying the impact of their utilization.

RINA Consulting

RINA-C is the largest fully independent Italian company providing consulting and engineering services to both public and private clients, giving support from concept to decommissioning, through consultancy, design, management, operation and maintenance. Within ReUseHeat RINA-C leads activities related to demonstrators monitoring, bankability studies for financial donors, and the replication of the demonstrators.

CSTB - Scientific and Technical Centre for Construction

CSTB is one of Europe’s foremost research organisations in construction and energy efficiency in the build environment. CTSB’s field of expertise covers construction products and buildings and their integration into districts and cities. In the ReUseHeat project, CSTB contributes to the Nice demonstrator by applying its district simulation platform (DIMOSIM) to the analysis and improvement of the energy system and energy management strategies of the district.

EDF – Électricité de France

EDF group is the world’s leading electricity company and global leader for low-carbon energy production.

EDF offers products and advice to help residential customers manage their electricity consumption, to support the energy and financial performance of its business customers, and to help local authorities find sustainable solutions.

Metropole Nice Côte D’Azur

With 344,000 inhabitants, Nice is the 5th biggest city in France. Nice is situated in the French Riviera and is one of the top tourist destinations in Europe, attracting around 5 million visitors per year. The Metropole Nice Côte d’Azur, an intercommunal structure made up of 49 cities around Nice, has the ambition to become the French laboratory of the energy transition and be one of the frontrunners of sustainable development in France and Europe.

Ochsner Process Energy Systems GmbH

OCHSNER Wärmepumpen GmbH was founded 1978 and the company has become synonymous with energy awareness, a pioneering spirit and a sense for innovation. OCHSNER was one of the first European manufacturers to manufacture heat pumps on an industrial scale. Today, the company is recognised as one of the sector’s international technology leaders. Since 1992, OCHSNER has concentrated wholly on the heat pump sector.

Veolia Energie Deutschland

Veolia is the global benchmark for optimized resource management. With its three complementary areas of activity – water, waste management and energy – the company provides improved access to resources, their protection and renewal.

In the ReUseHeat project, Veolia is supporting its subsidiary BS|ENERGY to implement the demonstrator in Brunswick by providing internal consulting services.


With over 1,220 employees, the BS|ENERGY Group is in charge of the supply in the fields of grid and energy services, such as supply of electricity, gas, water and district heating, energy generation, mobility and infrastructural services, urban lighting and effluent disposal. BS|ENERGY is a subsidiary of Veolia Deutschland GmbH (74.9%) and the city of Brunswick (25.1%). Together with Veolia, BS|ENERGY demonstrates the system of waste heat recovery from data centres.


Asime SA is a company founded in 1989 and belonging to Grupo Empresarial Electromédico that is a pioneer in the maintenance of electromedical equipment and electrical safety in operating rooms. Formed by more than 600 professionals with a high technical qualification, Asime SA offers maintenance services for hospitals and general facilities. This experience qualifies them for the implementation of new technologies, such as the heat recovery pump, in large sanitary facilities, such as the Severo Ochoa University Hospital located in Leganés – Madrid, Spain.

Dansk Fjernvarme

Danish District Heating Association (Dansk Fjernvarme) was founded in 1957 with the aim of organising Danish district heating companies; facilitate cooperation between these members and to promote their interests towards authorities and other organisations. The Association has more than 400 members all over Denmark.