Here you will find the latest peer-reviewed articles published in the context of the ReUseHeat project.

1. Urban Sustainability: Recovering and Utilizing Urban Excess Heat.
Lygnerud, K and Langer, S. Energies, November 2022 [Link]

2. Comparing district heating options under uncertainty using stochastic ordering.
Volodina, V., Wheatcroft, E., Wynn, H., University Paper. October 2021 [Link]

3. Model-Based Contract Design for Low Energy Waste Heat Contracts: The Route to Pricing.
Edward Wheatcroft, Henry P. Wynn, Victoria Volodina, Chris J. Dent and Kristina Lygnerud. Energies, June 2021. [Link]

4. Modelling of urban excess heat use in district heating systems.
Akram Sandvall, Martin Hagberg, Kristina Lygnerud.  Energy Strategy Reviews, January 2021. [Link]

5. Unconventional Excess Heat Sources for District Heating in a National Energy System Context.
Nielsen S, Hansen K, Lund R, Moreno D. Energies. September 2020.  [Link]

6. Cheap, robust and low carbon: comparing district heating scenarios using stochastic ordering
Volodina, V., Wheatcroft, E., Wynn, H., University Paper. May 2020 [Link]

7. The Role of Low Temperature Waste Heat Recovery in Achieving 2050 Goals: A Policy Positioning Paper.
Edward Wheatcroft,
Henry Wynn, Kristina Lygnerud, Giorgio Bonvicini and Daniela Leonte. Energies, April 2020. [Link]

8. Contracts, Business Models and Barriers to Investing in Low Temperature District Heating Projects.
Kristina Lygnerud,
Edward Wheatcroft and Henry Wynn. Applied Sciences, August 2019. [Link]

9. Assessment methodology for urban excess heat recovery solutions in energy-efficient District Heating Networks.
Manuel Andrés,
María Regidor, Andrés Macía, Ali Vasallo,Kristina Lygnerud. Energy Procedia, September 2018. [Link]