Waste heat in the press


Date Article
21 March 2022 How waste heat recovery will change the landscape
17 March 2022 Fortum and Microsoft announce world’s largest collaboration to heat homes, services and businesses with sustainable waste heat from new data centre region
14 March 2022 Industry chief: District heating sector looking at ‘other options’ than gas
31 August 2021 Fortum to divert waste heat from data processing centre to district heating network
28 May 2021 In the pipeline: networks to warm UK homes using surplus heat
28 May 2021 Homes set to be heated by sewage plants in future
19 February 2021 Norwegian government to demand data centers try plugging into district heating systems
16 February 2021 Pipe dreams and other climate visions
2 December 2020 How a French electrical company became a digital energy leader
24 November 2020 Caransa Group to build Amsterdam’s first district heating data center
1 October 2020 Unik Satsning – Överskottsenergi från nytt datacenter i Sverige blir fjärrvärme (Swedish)
16 September 2020 CyrusOne to research waste heat reuse at Amsterdam I data center
09 September 2020 The buildings heated by human warmth
07 July 2020 Facebook unveils ‘hyperscale’ district heat system at Danish data centre
26 June 2020 The nexus between data centres, efficiency and renewables: a role model for the energy transition
April 2020 Wasted opportunity: using UK waste heat in district heating
20 April 2020 Heat From Sewage Project To Receive Public Funding
5 March 2020 World-first scheme is launched using waste heat from the Tube to warm homes, two leisure centres and a school in Islington
3 February 2020 Det våras för lågtempererad spillvärme (Swedish)
3 December 2019 Canadian communities are tapping into greener ways to heat and cool buildings
7 October 2019 Waste water turned into district heating
23 September 2019 Recycling energy from data centres helps to abolish coal
4 September 2019 Waste heat – not just for the birds
26 August 2019 Underground line to heat up London homes during winter
30 July 2019 Sustainably digital: Waste heat recovery as the key to green data centres
25 June 2019 Toronto smart city proposal from Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs includes plan to use data center waste heat
10 April 2019 Tepid support for reusing waste heat from data centres
12 March 2019 Cloud&Heat launches The Beast: a 0.5MW containerized supercomputer
8 March 2019 Transnational waste heat platform going live online
21 February 2019 La Métropole de Lille livrera la chaleur fatale de son incinération d’ici fin 2019 (French)
11 December 2018 DigiPlex’s data centre heat reuse system wins award
6 December 2018 Récupérer la chaleur du métro pour chauffer un immeuble de logements, c’est possible! (French)
21 November 2018 Excess heat from Amazon’s giant data centre will be used to warm homes in Tallaght
20 November 2018 Datacenter provides 10 000 Stockholm apartments with heating
19 November 2018 Google investerer milliarder i datacenter ved Fredericia (Danish)
13 November 2018 Fortum and Lidl sign an agreement to utilise excess heat in the open district heating network
23 October 2018 Porcelain Manufactury in Berlin feeds waste heat into the cities’ district heating network
5 October 2018 EcoDataCenter set to open 2MW facility in Falun, Sweden
4 October 2018 World’s First Carbon-Positive Data Center Launches in Sweden
8 September 2018 Grøn varme fra Facebook: Tør sommer letter fjernvarme-byggeri i Tietgenbyen (Danish)
27 August 2018 Excess data center heat is no longer a bug — it’s a feature!
20 August 2018 This town will get its heat from an unlikely source: a data center
14 August 2018 DigiPlex data center will help keep Oslo warm
8 August 2018 Firms collaborate to exploit sewage heat recovery for district heating
26 July 2018 Ireland’s power-hungry data centres ‘could help heat businesses and homes’
23 July 2018 L’hôpital de Mercy se dote d’une chaudière numérique pilote (French)
28 June 2018 Inspired young people propose solutions to future-proof cities in global competition
24 June 2018 New concept aims to create ‘energy positive’ cities
16 June 2018 Découvrez un datacenter tout vert à Stockolm (French)
13 June 2018 New underground heating and cooling plant utilises waste heat
29 May 2018 Waste Heat: Innovators Turn to an Overlooked Renewable Resource
25 May 2018 Facebook Signs 294 Megawatt Wind PPA To Power Nordic Data Centers
10 May 2018 How Yandex is heating a Finnish city with its data centre’s surplus energy
1 May 2018 From surplus heat to district heating
24 April 2018 El CSUC, stakeholder del projecte europeu ReUseHeat (Catalan)
9 April 2018 Data center providing heat in Sweden
3 April 2018 Amsterdams ziekenhuis stapt over op stadsverwarming (Dutch)
3 April 2018 Can World’s Huge Data Centers Be Made More Efficient?
3 April 2018 Building data centers with a conscience
28 March 2018 Innovatives Projekt zur Abwärmenutzung aus Rechenzentren (German)
27 March 2018 DigiPlex data centre to heat 10,000 Stockholm households
16 March 2018 Developing District Heating in Ireland: The elephant in the room – Recoverable Heat
13 March 2018 Les égouts comme source de chaleur à Bruxelles et en France (French)
13 March 2018 DCD> Energy Smart: Cities must lead the way in energy efficiency
12 March 2018 Data centre retrofit to boost Stockholm district heating
1 March 2018 Stockholm’s sustainable data centres to heat homes 
20 February 2018 Amsterdam district heating goal gets data centre boost
12 February 2018 The tube will heat hundreds of houses
08 February 2018 Yandex Data Center waste heat warms the houses in Mäntsälä, Finland
29 January 2018 Amazon opens the spheres in downtown Seattle with help from Jeff Bezos and Alexa
9 January 2018 ReUseHeat: Metro Systems and Hospitals Will Heat our Dense City Centres
3 January 2018 Our cities are hidden power stations
18 December 2017 Minister commissions research on phasing out gas from Dutch homes
12 December 2017 Making a small supermarket an international first-mover
30 November 2017 Chester council aims to recycle waste heat from industry and the canal
23 November 2017 Amazon to use data centre waste heat to warm corporate offices
16 November 2017 New urban area will be heated with surplus heat from laboratories
16 November 2017 Providing heat from copper to urban areas
16 November 2017 The super-efficient heat source hidden below Amazon’s Seattle headquarters
9 November 2017 Danish heating decision could open the floodgates 
3 November 2017 No time to waste: warming homes using heat from data centres
2 November 2017 The lost city of Benxi is back on the map
2 November 2017 Main infrastructure for South Holland heat network gaining shape in Leiden region
2 November 2017 Huge export potential in surplus heat from data centres
17 October 2017 Stockholm plans to heat 10% of homes using waste heat from data centres
13 October 2017 The city where internet heats people’s homes
12 October 2017 Data centre in Finland recovers waste heat
22 September 2017 Multigrid’s 5MW data center in Stockholm will recycle waste heat
8 September 2017 From greengrocer to green power: how supermarkets could change our energy supply
12 June 2017 This underground urban farm also heats the building above it